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In Greece, the mountains of the Balkan Peninsular, which form a broad backbone down the length of the mainland,are known as the Pindos. Extending southwards from Albania right down to the Gulf of Corinth, the chain continues through the Peloponnese, and then forms an arc taking in Crete, Karpathos and Rhodes, and thereafter links up with the Taurus mountains of Turkey and beyond.

In the far north, the Grammos Mountains line the border with Albania. Further south, the Pindos divides into two distinct areas. The Western Highlands”, which are the boldest (and most interesting to walkers) including the Gamila/Astraka range (which you will cross on our route), and the peak of Smolikas, (which at 2,637m/ 8,648ft is the highest mountain in the Pindos) and secondly “the Eastern Highlands”, an area which is particularly Vlach shepherding country, extending south to the pass of Metsovon.

This huge mountain area hosts some of the unique villages, build out of limestone called Zagori. Further east nest also small and unique shepherd villages worth visiting!

This makes it ideal for doing multi day hiking tours, from point to point, changing your location, hiking beautiful paths, and sleeping in different cosy guesthouses. We have carefully planned and designed tours for all levels of hikers. Send us a request to find out more details about our tours!

Tours available:

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