Some of the daily mountainbike rides we organize in Zagori!

From Elati to the bridges

DSC_0079 We meet in our base Elati. We choose cycling equipment and begin to start the path toward the village of Elati. We Start to bike the main road to Dikorfo, and before the village, we enter into a dirt road through a beautiful forest, overlooking Timfi and the Vikos Gorge. We continue downhill to Riziana and in a while we bike on asphalt and downhill on a pleasant road to Kipi, where we visit the famous bridges and end the tour. Transfer to Elati.

In the woods of Gyftokambos


 We meet in our base in Elati. We choose cycling equipment and drive to the start point at Gyftokambos. Here we enter a dirt road and a beautiful pine forest. Our route is circular and starts calm uphill, and descends to the beautiful Sarakatsaniki folds. Here we stop for a visit, and continue downhill to the car. Great route in terms of views and natural beauty.


Family MTB adventure!

DSCN2747An ideal route for mountain bike families! We explore some unknown but astonishing villages in the area of Zagori! Negades and Fraggades. We start from the second right from it’s square, which has a fantastic view, gazing at Mitsikeli mountain. The ride starts taking us into oak forest and into the dirt road that used to be the way of the merchants hundrets of years ago. As we pass Negades village we have a chance to stop and visit one of the most impressive churches of the region. We continue downhilling in the asphalt and have a short detour to visit the unique arched bridges around Kipi village!

Zagori Cycling tour

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA circular cycling tour taking you to the true and original part of Zagori! We pass through 5 villages, taking our time visiting the wonderful sites the area has to offer, great architectural monuments, such as bridges, churches, wonderful squares, impressive views. This tour might take all of your day to enjoy, all 45km of it!! This tour can be done on your own after consulting with our stuff at out MTB station.


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