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Hiking Vikos Gorge

Hiking Vikos Gorge

Hiking Vikos Gorge is A must do for everyone who visits the area of Zagori, hike through the protected area of Vikos Gorge, the deepest in the world with over 1700 different kinds of plants and very rich in wildlife such as the brown bear!! The program usually starts from Monodentri village and crosses the main gorge to Vikos, a hike with a big veriaty of interest such as geology, botanic, and history!

We start to cross Vikos Gorge, a very impressive canyon and one of the deepest in the world! Our meeting point is at Monodentri, where the tour starts, then we hike downhill, where we meet the  river bed at the bottom of the gorge. We continue next to the stream, and walk right into the heart of the National Park. In the gorge still find refuge a lot of wild animals, such as pray birds, bears and wild boars. Our walk will end at Vikos village after a small ascent, around 40 minutes. 

Duration 6-7 hours
Meeting point in Monodentri central square

What to bring with you:               What we provide
Hiking shoes                               Hiking poles
Bottle of water                            Rain jacket (poncho)
Fleece                                        Back pack (if needed)
Hat, sun glasses                          Pack lunch
Impressions of the route :