So what we do? Since 2006 Compass Adventures organizes, hiking/trekking, mountainbike and ski tours mostly on the north Pindos. Through out the years we explored and reached new areas, which gave us great feedback, and we decided to share with our guests! From our pation for mountainsports, we wanted to show the world that there is another part of Greece, really worth visiting, because it is still authentic, not harmed from the mass tourism, and it is well hidden behind the unknown mountains of Greece!

Mt. Peristeri

Mostly we like mountainsports and hiking is one of them. It is the way to discover meter by meter all the area’s secrets. Flowers, medicine herbs, wildlife, architecture plus culture, are some of the things a hiker should see in these unique areas. So different and also unique! There is a great network of paths, in these areas that make hiking from point to point, village to village, easy, without the use of any transportation! A top destination for hikers is Zagori and the wider area of north Pindos National Park, and also Tzoumerka and Mt. Olympus!

vali calda

The last years we came out with the idea of organizing MTB tours the same style we do our hiking tours! So we went out exploring! There are thousands of kilometers of forest roads, that give the biker a chance to discover, places beyond imagination. Remote villages, waterfalls, high mountains, combine s scenary ideal for mountainbike!


For skiing no question about it! There are a few ski resorts in Greece but not really worth a visit! But the mountains where someone can ski are endless! The Pindos mountains have amazing snowfall every winter and the possibility of ski touring is amazing. Not many would believe that there are so many mountains with snow that you could ski in Greece! The last years more and more are trying the exotic ski destination. How about you?


Of course Compass Adventures is spesializing in other outdoor activities, such as, rock climbing, rafting, via feratta, canyoning, in our area we believe that the ideal way to discover is to go outdoors!