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Why hire a guide, I could find my way..

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Well, many people travel around the world, and into places wilder than Greece. So all the people would think that the Greek mountains are not difficult, or dangerous, because “Greece is only sand and beaches”! 


The truth is that Greece, is the second most mountainius land in Europe, after Albania!! The mainland is covered 80% of mountains above 1000m reaching the altitude of 2918m which is the highest mountain Olympus. To the west of the country we have Pindos mountains, a mountainchain that stretches from north to south for about 200km with a lot of high peaks above 2000m. This is an area where you have a lot of snow during winter and most of the countries big rivers have their basic springs on these mountains. It is an isolated area with small little villages, national parks, vast forests, landscapes people dont imagine that this could be Greece!

Distrato in early springThere was a huge network of passes and paths that used to connect the villages with the rest of the world, people used to cover great distances with their animals, bringing them up for the summer months and back to the valley for winter. There is an effort in marking and preserving part of this network, but still the paths are in many cases no clear, the lower areas have closed from vegitation. Not many people use them anymore…

Vikos GorgeThis is where someone would hire a guide or walk with an organized guided group. The guides we use are qualified and have a good knowledge of the area. The guides job is not only to show you the way, but to be helpful in any difficult situation such as, where to find a pharmacy, or even where to have nice food. You wont waste your time searching to find the nice views, you will get tips on how to have fun with locals, and what most important you will really learn about the area you hike in. 

Only you would need to ask for guides qualifications, in order to have a safe and pleasant hike. Have fun on our mountains and discover the other side of Greece with us!!

Vikos Gorge

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