From Mistras to Mani, Trekking Mt. Taygetos in Pelloponessos South Greece

From Mistras to Mani, Trekking Mt. Taygetos in Pelloponessos South Greece, some years ago our partner, friend and owner of The Next Destination travel Tom Tsur from Israel, came with the idea to organize a tour around the highest mountain of Pelloponesos, Mt. Taygetos. A great place by the sea and with a very big cultural and historical interest, especially during the Byzantine era.

IMG_3374So, we defenatly agreed into going there and organize a 7 day trek starting from the side of Lakonia, visiting Mystras archeological site, hiking up to the small refuge, crossing the mountain on the other side to Messinia, and reaching Kardamili at Mani, near the sea! Seems like a tour which has everything, the mountains, the sea, the history and the culture!

Mt. Taygetos is a steep and rough mountain. The peak, Prophet Elias (2407m) forms an almost perfect pyramid, and being on top of this mountain you have a view of the sea, on your west and east side! On a clear sky the highest peaks of all Peloponessus can be seen as well as the islands of Kithira to the south. A rough terrain to walk on but there are so many hiking options. This was a surprise for me, the mountain is full f paths, gorges, and stone made paths that connected all the villages of Mani and Mistras in a relative good condition!


Around Taygetos from the south and west side we have the area of Mani, an area famous about the hard, proud and great fighters, a dry, difficult area to live… They say that the Othomans did not really came here because it was not so easy for them to concur this area. Many famous generals of the resistance came to this area to hide.

The lower paths are interesting hikes between olive tree plantations, small authentic villages and in many cases on stone made paths.


As for the people we had a great time meeting everyone and enjoying sometimes one to many glasses of tsipouro, having fun and long conversations about everything.

It is for sure a very interesting place to visit, and hike especially during spring and autumn.
For more info we would be happy to help!


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