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Hiking Vikaki gorge in Zagori

In the Zagori region apart from the beautiful and classic trails of the Vikos canyon, Drakolimni, there are too many other options for hiking. Countless old paths, more open, others closed due to abandonment ..last-photos-079

Vikaki or Selato is a small gorge near Tsepelovo villages Kapesovo and Kipi. Impressive, although smaller than the great Vikos, sharing the same bed and geological form a canyon.


The narrow gorge has a permanent flow throughout the year, and there are two ways to hike it. One is from the village Tsepelovo, going down the road that starts from the stadium of the village or the path that passes by St. John the Rogovo.


The first case requires proper equipment and organization. We will refer to another article.The path starts from the road that connects Kapesovo and Tsepelovo villages where there is a sign of a trail marking effort that had fortunately preserved the path.


Impressive descend to the river bed, where you can hike a short pert of it, and it ascends through the woods to the monastery. The monastery is still closed due to maintenance. The trail continues on an old path, but unfortunately the path has been abandoned and needs attention. The route goes through an impressive hermitage, again leads to the canyon mouth where you face a nice pool.


Beautiful hiking 3hours about, you just need someone to have a second car to return to the beginning of the hike.