Our special program family action, for all the members!!

Rafting Voidomatis river

At the crystal clear Voidomatis we organise daily rafting tours. Is a unique experience to raft on the crystal clear waters of the river! Our route starts from the bridge of Aristi and finishes after 1.30 hour at the beautiful Klidonia bridge.


Walking Elati the botanic path, weaving center ANO KATO

A small walk starts from the village of Elati, down hilling towards the old ruins of the watermill. During the walk we recognize wild flowers, trees and herbs, explaining the importance they had for the people living at the area many years ago. A short trip to the history of Zagori, through stories and tales who where transferred from generation to generation. Returning from the walk we have a small surprise, we can practice archery!!

We and our day visiting the wool work & weaving center where we join a small seminar of traditional weaving and felting we create our own felt juellery!!

Around 4-5 hours, walking 1, 30 hours very easy

familywalks1Walk Beloi – Vradeto Steps – Kapesovo – Kipi

A walk that has a big variety of views and villages. We start from the highest village of Zagori Vradeto, towards a fantastic view point to the Vikos Gorge, a breath taking view, as we stand on the edge of the high cliffs!! We return back to Vradeto, and we downhill the amazing stone path build at the side of the steep slopes of the area. At Kapesovo we visit the typical family shop, where we can taste local products, like sweets, liqueur, and find out how they are made. The walk down hills more through old grape fields and forest, to Kipi, where we visit some of the most important bridges of the area.

Around 4-5 hours of walking (with stops&breaks) very easy

Walk Vitsa – Koukouli – Kipi, drive to Dilofocanyoning zagori 5

We hike from Vitsa to Koukouli, Kipi, where we tour around the old bridges that connected the villages, years ago.  The walk starts from Vitsa, down hilling the Vitsa Steps, in the heart of Vikos Gorge. We cross one of the famous arched bridges and start up hilling towards Koukouli. The village square calls for a refreshment!! The walk continues to Kipi, where we rest and see some more beautiful bridges, a real work of art! We drive to Dilofo for a visit at the beautiful village

Around 3 hours walk plus the visit to Dilofo 4-5 total.

 Canyoning Rogovou Gorge !

 After taking the necessary ,  equipment , uniforms and helmets , we climb the path to meet the river . Then we descend through the stream and observe the beautiful rocks that  the water carves over the years ! After walking a bit , it’s time to use the ropes ! We will descend a waterfall about 10 meters! With the help of our experienced guides we end up swimming in the natural pools of Rogovo , near the road connecting the villages of Mikro and Megalo Papigo !
Duration, 2.30 hours easy

The walk is right in the National Park. Our walk starts from the old bridge of Klidonia. We walk next to Voidomatis river one of the cleanest and coldest rivers of Europe! The walk is always under the huge plane trees at the bank of the river. On our way we visit the old abandoned monastery of Ag. Anargyroi, many times destroyed through the years. The walk continues always next to the magical blue of the river to the bridge of Aristi. On the drive back we can visit the monastery of Panagia Spileotissa with the impressive bell tower, having views to the gorge.

Around 3 hours walk