Favorite activity of our visitors!!

At the crystal clear Voidomatis we organise daily rafting tours. Is a unique experience to raft on the crystal clear waters of the river! Our route starts from the bridge of Aristi and finishes after 1.30 hour at the beautiful Klidonia bridge.

The process is simple: we give the appointments in our rafting base at Klidonia, where we give you uniforms and equipment. After we board in the bus of the company and transfered at starting point of the journey, we make a small briefing about how we operate in the boat, and we are giving some safty instructions, and we are ready to start!!

During the rafting, we will move down from plane trees, you will know the history of the region and of course stop for a swim! Is a unique experience to swim the frozen waters of the Voidomatis!!

Also a short visit to the monastery of Agion Anargyron, and our great surprise at the end under the Klidonia bridge!!You need only to bring a bathing suite or second underwear.