Where we go? Greece is a mountain paradise! Who would of though that?!?! Almost 80% of the mainland is covered in mountains and that makes it the 2nd most mountainius land in Europe after Albania! So, that makes us happy!That is where we go!  We explore and find new destinations in the remote Pindus mountains, and of course the classical mythical Mt. Olympus! But still, there are so many hidden jems still in the mainland which we explore and want to show it to the rest of the world! So here are a few places someone could visit with the help of the Compass Adventures team! Always a pleasure!!


Pindos Mountains is our homebase. Pindos mountains is a long mountainrange stretching from the morthwest border of Greece, for 230km, and is devided into North and south Pindos. At the north we have the North Pindos National Park, the biggest park on the mainland Greece. In this big area is the picturesque Zagori region with it’s 46 little villages. This area is unique and remote, rich in wildlife, flora, culture and of course a great place for outdoor activities. A huge network of paths gives us the opportunity to hike from village to village, making it one of the top hiking destinations in the world! Vikos gorge and alpine lakes, crystal clear waters, forests, ideal for, rafting, kayak, mountainbiking and of course skiing!


The Tzoumerka mountains are part of the south Pindos. A new destination for us but very well known for many years. The waterfall paradise, as many rivers flow over the steep and impressive peaks of the area, an alpine scenary, which is unique for Greece! We have established a wonderful adventure tour with hiking, rafting and canyoning at the most scenic areas of Tzoumerka mountains!

Mt. Olympus, is the classic! The mountain of the ancient Gods of Greece, but also the highest of the country! By the sea, the giant is rising with almost 3000 meters high peaks, is a place ideal for trekking and ski tours! A place to meet all 4 seasons in one day, a national park, with amazing flora, and many endemic plants. Here we visit the highest peaks, and we combine a day at the sea, or a visit to the nearby Meteora monasteries.